Organic Mattress

Organic Mattress

All of our style of sleeping is different. We do not believe in the policy of one size fit for all. To meet up this issue we offer a variety of mattresses for your choice. We designed every mattress to offer comfort and support at a good price. You can simply find the one that suits your body and your financial plan. Surrounded by our luxurious and superior organic mattresses you can give your body the deserving relaxation. 

As today’s consumer, certainly you prefer to buy products made from natural ingredients and contain few chemicals that are harmful to human well-being.  In addition, you are not with unlike thought in buying your mattresses. Indeed, you will choose to buy all natural or organic and non-toxic mattresses. Sometimes you may feel it difficult to find an all-natural or organic mattress. We will listen to your needs and help to find the perfect mattress. Take a tour through our site gallery for your next purchase of Certified Organic, Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic mattress. You will have incredibly pleasant experience with our Organic Mattress.

 Removing toxins from the place, you regularly spend at least eight hours in a day or night is not that easy. Yet the average mattress contains a combination of chemicals and flame-retardants. A variety of chemicals used in manufacturing of mattress to achieve certain qualities such as foam “memory” and fire resistance. Many of these chemicals cause serious health risks. Especially children are vulnerable to the effect of these chemicals, as they spend 12-16 hours a day with their faces near the surface of the mattress. In our mattresses, we used a range of harmless materials, including natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool and organic bamboo and none contain harsh flame-retardants or toxic chemicals.

 Our offering of natural and non-toxic mattress are for adults, kids, and babies. Our mattresses in different sizes and styles will ensure that it is the suitable option for all of your family members. Choose an organic mattress bases on your needs, priorities, and the materials that can best cater to them. Explore our ranges of certified organic and non-toxic mattresses from here.

Latex Mattress

Our natural latex mattresses are popular because of the sustainable comfort they provide. Our latex mattresses vary in point of pureness, customizability, and price. We use only natural rubber-tree latex and for our natural latex mattresses and contains at least 95% natural rubber. Depending on the quality of latex and casing materials, we offer our Latex mattresses in a wide price range.

Wool Mattress

We present chemical-free, dust mite repellent wool mattresses for your natural bedroom. As organic choice, wool mattress is a good one to consider. We use handpicked Wool for Our Organic Mattress. We use layer of the finest wool fiber in our mattresses that dissolve excess heat. In addition, the microscopic air pockets create natural insulation and increases air circulation and moisture evaporation. That will give you a cooler and drier sleeping environment. We designed our wool mattress to last for a lifetime. You can enjoy better sleep throughout the year with this organic breathable mattress.

Cotton Mattress

Our organic cotton mattresses are comfortable, durable, and highly versatile. We manufacture 100% organic cotton mattress pad with the finest certified organic cottons filling and organic cotton covering. We do not use dyes or chemicals.

Spring Mattress

You can get a traditional feeling with our more eco-friendly spring mattress. Our spring mattresses contain layers of organic cotton and eco-friendly wool. We carry a variety of spring mattresses as organic pocket coil and innerspring mattresses. You will get them with organic cotton and wool. We used metal spring units at the core of the mattress. You may select spring mattresses as one of the most economical organic mattress options.

Mattress Size

Our organic mattresses are available in different sizes.

With our manufacturing specialization, we design and manufacture high-quality organic mattresses.

Our safest, purest and most comfortable Organic, Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Mattresses can give your best night of sleep. Our mattress will give you comfort without chemicals. To give you a healthier home we offer our organic mattress are at affordable ranges.

When you have decided to switch into a healthy life, then we would say that you should begin the initiative by getting an organic mattress. Your safe and healthy sleep is our top priority. 

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Organic Mattress

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