4-Sided Box Grater

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4-Sided Box Grater

Looking for a reliable kitchen grater? The Starfrit 4-Sided Box Grater has a coarse and fine grating blade, a parmesan blade, and a slicing blade. With its non-slip base, you will be more stable when using the grater.


  • Coarse grating blade
  • Fine grating blade
  • Parmesan blade
  • Slicing blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Non-slip base for added stability
  • Includes manual


 10.2400 INCH
 4.3300 INCH
 0.4320 POUND
 3.5400 INCH
 10.2360 INCH
 4.3300 INCH
 0.4270 POUND
 3.5430 INCH
 The product does not require a battery