Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board

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Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board

The unique and modern NutriChef Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board includes a porcelain dipping sauce bowl that fits snugly into the grooved notch. You can simply pick up the board and serve guests without anything sliding off the side! Store and display all the stainless steel cutlery and accessories inside the closeable drawer block. Each knife is fitted with a solid wood handle that fits exactly into the slotted drawer holder.


  • Natural bamboo material
  • Built-in slide-out knife drawer
  • Knives are versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs
  • Grooved serving rim
  • Includes 4 pieces stainless steel knife set and porcelain seasoning condiment holding cup


 3.7000 INCH
 13.9000 INCH
 5.9000 POUND
 13.8000 INCH
 Natural Wood
 13.5000 INCH
 13.5000 INCH
 5.1000 POUND
 2.5000 INCH
 The product does not require a battery