Dual Silicone Splatter & Mixer Guard

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Dual Silicone Splatter & Mixer Guard

Too many kitchen appliances these days are specific for one use, but not the Dual Silicone Splatter and Mixer Guard from Starfrit. It can fit on any pot, pan, or bowl with a 12 in. diameter or less to prevent cooking splatters or can be used to cover any of the same when operating with a hand mixer. Best of all, it is hygienic and resistant to oil and grease sticking, plus it won't scratch cookware. Try this multi-use guard today.


  • Mess-free: keeps stovetops clean from splattered grease
  • Hygienic: food, oil & grease will not stick like with traditional splatter screens
  • Fits on any pot, pan, or bowl of 12" dia or smaller to prevent cooking splatters
  • Central opening to use with a hand mixer, hand blender, or mixing spoon
  • Won't scratch cookware
  • Heat-resistant silicone up to 260°C/500°F


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 The product does not require a battery