Egg Timer

Egg Timer

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Egg Timer

Don't eat over- or undercooked eggs! This handy Taylor Egg Timer allows you to simply submerge the timer in cooking water and features thermochromatic ink to tell you when your egg is cooked soft, medium, or hard. This heat-resistant timer is encased in food-safe acrylic and measures the time and doneness of your eggs with precision and ease.


  • Reliable & easy way to determine when eggs are cooked
  • Thermochromatic ink changes color while eggs cook & displays when eggs are soft, medium or hard-cooked
  • Ink encased in food-safe acrylic
  • Heat-resistant
  • PDQ displayer
  • 12 pk



 1.3000 INCH
 7.0000 INCH
 0.1500 POUND
 4.5000 INCH
 Taylor® Precision Products
 7.0000 INCH
 1.3800 INCH
 0.1500 POUND
 4.5000 INCH
 Yellow, Red, White
 The product does not require a battery