Green Cotton & Wool Latex Core Dreamton Mattress

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Green Cotton & Wool Latex Core Dreamton Mattress

The Dreamton Mattress with its natural latex core is one of our #1 bestsellers, and with good reason.


Does this sound like you?
? You like a soft mattress, but still need a little support for perfect, comfortable sleep.
? A sleeping surface that breathes sounds like heaven to you.
? You often have a partner or pet sleeping alongside you.
? You’re like Goldilocks & the three bears. Your bed can’t be too soft or too hard, and you can’t be too hot or too cold. Your mattress has to be just right for you to get the best sleep.


Sound familiar? If so...The Green Cotton & Natural Latex Core Dreamton Mattress is your perfect fit!


Soft yet supportive, this mattress is perfect for sleepers who love to sink into their mattress, but who need the support of a firmer mattress. Get the cloud-like feeling, with a core to support your muscles and joints. With a 3” natural latex core sandwiched between a fluffy Green Cotton core, wrapped in our most luxurious natural wool, this mattress is everything you wish a natural mattress could be, with none of the toxic ingredients.  It comes in all standard and custom sizes.  They offer an organic and hypoallergenic alternative in every size.

Natural Latex for a Sweat-Free Sleep

Unlike its sweaty cousin, memory foam, natural latex is temperature neutral, so it won’t make you sweat when sleeping. Responsive and soft like memory foam, yet durable, this is a material that will last for years. Natural latex isn’t just comfortable — it’s 100% biodegradable, mold and mite-resistant, and even naturally antimicrobial, meaning that a latex mattress stays fresher longer.  Our natural Dunlop latex is a "Medium" firmness. In Dunlop terms, it's considered a C3 class, which is a rough equivalent of a 32-ILD in Talalay. While initially quite soft and giving, the natural latex offers excellent support and weight redistribution, cradling the body.

What Is Green Cotton?

A more affordable option to our organic cotton products, our Green Cotton is grown in the United States — it just isn’t certified organic.  This more affordable material is slightly firmer than organic cotton, but the real beauty is in what it doesn’t have: 

  • NO dyes

  • NO perfumes

  • NO flame retardants

Grown by farmers right here in the US, Green Cotton is a fabulous cost-savings material that doesn’t put you in contact with harmful chemicals typically found in conventional cotton.

Wool from Happy Sheep

Here at White Lotus Home, we hold our shepherds to the highest standards of quality and ethics. Our sheep are raised on rotating pastures to prevent erosion and overgrazing, and their beautiful wool is never treated with chemicals or flame retardants.  Wrapped in approximately 1.5” of the finest wool we source, the Dreamton mattresses are naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, and require no flame retardant chemical treatments to be safe. Wool is comfortable in the summer and winter, thanks to its natural insulative properties.

Sleeping on the Green Cotton, Latex, and Wool Dreamton Mattress

The Dreamton is a mattress without springs, and as such won’t transfer motion between sleepers. We recommend putting it on a box spring set or platform bed, or even using it as a floor bed. A slatted bed frame is recommended for air circulation and the slats should be at least 2.5" wide and no more than 2" apart from each other.  When the slats are more than 2" apart, that may affect the longevity and comfort of your mattress.  Supportive and responsive, the Green Cotton, Latex, and Wool Dreamton is a mattress unlike any you’ve ever slept on, and we know you’re going to love it.


Here is the OEKO-TEK certification for our Latex.

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