Mechanical Indicator Timer

Mechanical Indicator Timer

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A simple kitchen timer! The Taylor Mechanical "Indicator" Timer features a colorful timer face that allows you to easily keep track of cooking times with ease. Black, rubberized housing and a strong magnet make this timer easy to attach to any metal surface and the brushed stainless steel accent adds an element of style. This timer counts down from up to 60 minutes, ensuring that your cooking is timed with precision and convenience!


  • A colorful timer face indicates how much time is left
  • Black rubberized housing
  • The strong magnet attaches to metal surfaces securely
  • Counts down from up to 60 min
  • Long ring
  • Brushed stainless steel accent


 1.2500 INCH
 7.8800 INCH
 0.3000 POUND
 4.5000 INCH
 Taylor® Precision Products
 7.8800 INCH
 1.3800 INCH
 0.2600 POUND
 4.5000 INCH
 Silver, Black
 The product does not require a battery