Mightigrip Jar Opener

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Mightigrip Jar Opener

Having trouble opening your favorite jar of jam, pickles, or tomato sauce? Starfrit has you covered with the Mightigrip Jar Opener. Simply place it on the lid, tighten the knob, turn counterclockwise, and voila. The jar is opened. This useful tool opens threaded caps and lids from 1 in. to 3 in. in diameter, so it is ideal for opening everything from a soda bottle to your club-size pickles, mayonnaise, or sauces. One of the few tools on the market that also opens mason jars, this gadget will be appreciated by anyone with reduced strength due to arthritis or other joint problems.


  • The turn knob rotates clockwise to tighten jaws onto the lid, tool locks in place & handle is pushed counterclockwise to loosen the turn knob & release the lid
  • Strain-free lid opening
  • Versatile & works on most types & sizes of lids
  • Opens threaded caps & lids from 1"-3"
  • Ideal for opening pickle, mayonnaise, mason jars, soda caps & more
  • Suited for people suffering from arthritis or people who have lost strength in their hand
  • Easily hand washed in warm soapy water & wipes dry


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 The product does not require a battery