Non-Stick Carbon Steel Muffin Pans

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Non-Stick Carbon Steel Muffin Pans

Bake like a pro with the NutriChef Non-Stick Carbon Steel Muffin Pans! The entire set is made from an engineered carbon steel metal alloy. It’s shielded with a non-stick coating that doesn’t crack and doesn't emit any weird odors or smells. It's also scratch-resistant.


  • Set of 2 pans
  • Professional home kitchen muffin bake pans
  • Commercial-grade restaurant-quality metal bakeware
  • Durable and reliable oven pan style
  • Attractive and stylish metal coating
  • Non-stick coated layer surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Long-lasting, stain-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Space-saving, stackable design
  • Ideal for food prep, serving, sweet treats, and pastry dessert baking



 2.3000 INCH
 15.7000 INCH
 4.0000 POUND
 11.4000 INCH
 446.0000 FAHRENHEIT
 Carbon Steel
 Scratch Resistant
 11.2500 INCH
 1.7500 INCH
 3.7300 POUND
 15.5000 INCH
 The product does not require a battery