Securimax Auto Can Opener

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Securimax Auto Can Opener

Exceptional safety features make the Starfrit Securimax Auto the best can opener on the market. Features integrated claws for the easy to pick up without having to touch the lid and will not leave sharp edges on the can or the lid.


  • Grips can automatically
  • No sharp edges on the can or on the lid
  • Patented mechanism & lid lifter
  • Hygienic
  • 3‐year warranty with proof of purchase


 3.2500 INCH
 9.4000 INCH
 0.4200 POUND
 3.5000 INCH
 3.0000 INCH
 7.0000 INCH
 0.3400 POUND
 2.0000 INCH
 Gray, Black
 The product does not require a battery