VHF Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone Receiver System with Independent Volume Control

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• System includes; ;• Wireless belt pack transmitter ;• Handheld, lavalier and headset microphones ;• VHF narrow band receiver ;• 1/4 in. audio cable ;• 4 AA batteries;• Dual frequency design (Channel A/B) operates on VHF frequencies 176.4 MHz to 203.4 MHz;• High signal/noise ratio performance;• Broad frequency response range and low distortion;• Independent adjustable volume control;• Volume control indicators & status signals;• Audio outputs;• Dual independent channel antennas;• RF signal and AF signal LED indicators;Receiver:;• Channel freq: 176.4 MHz to 203.4 MHz;• Freq stability: +/-.002%;• Sensitivity: -95 dBm (S/N: 12 dB);• Signal-to-noise ratio: >70 dB;• RF image rejection: -75 dB;• Neighboring channel/interference: >70 dB;• Audio dynamic range: 95 dB;• Freq resp: 50 Hz to 15 kHz +/-3 dB;• Operating range: 164 ft.;• Power: AC 120 volts/60 Hz;• Dim: 12.7 in. H x 8.5 in. W x 1.9in. D;Transmitter:;• Carrier freq: 176.4 MHz to 203.4 MHz;• Freq stability: +/-.002%;• RF power output: >13 dBm;• Harmonic at higher degree: 30 kHz;• FM modulation;• Power current:
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: China

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